What Causes an AC To Stop Working?

An Air Conditioner Unit That is in a Backyard.

Know About Common AC Problems and How They Should Be Addressed.

As homeowners, we depend on our air conditioner a lot. We use it to keep us comfortable and cool during warmer seasons, so having an AC that is in good condition is very important. But like many systems in our homes, air conditioners can be susceptible to some issues. One of those issues is when the air conditioner stops working. This can be due to many reasons, either your AC wiring is defective, you have a frozen coil, the fan is damaged, or there isn’t enough refrigerant. Fortunately, a seasoned HVAC professional is able to determine what your AC problems are with proper diagnostic services. Whether you need emergency plumbing service or air conditioning service, the most important thing is to call a professional who knows what they are doing. Below are some common AC problems and the solutions for them.

Common AC Problems and Solutions

  • Not Enough Cool Air: One of the biggest AC issues that we face as homeowners is when the air conditioner is on and working, but isn’t producing enough cool air. Some reasons that this might be a problem is that the filter is dirty, the thermostat is in a different setting than it usually is. With help from a technician, the filter can be cleaned or the thermostat can be repaired.
  • The AC is Blowing Hot Air: This is the opposite of what you want your air conditioner to do. The best solution for this is to have the air filter changed and to see if something is wrong with your AC’s outside unit.
  • Strange Noises Coming From Your AC: Different noises are going to indicate different problems for your air conditioner. For example, a rattling noise means there are issues with the panels. Have an HVAC technician take a look when you hear any type of noise.
  • The AC Won’t Turn Off: When your air conditioner is continually running, this can be a problem. Sometimes it will have to do with your thermostat and other times there are problems with the refrigerant.

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