Air Conditioner Parts Replacement and Repair

To efficiently cool and distribute your home’s air, your AC utilizes a variety of parts. A failing part can cause your entire system to break down. Don’t deal with a subpar air conditioning system in your home. Get effective AC parts replacement around Riverside, CA delivered by the Trabuco Hills Air professionals. Our team of professionals is experienced in all facets of AC service so we can offer lasting repairs that are effective and affordable. To set up your appointment, call (951) 824-7172.

Commonly Replaced Air Conditioner Parts

Two Outdoor A/C Units

Replacing a Part On Your AC Maybe All It Needs To Work Correctly.

Usually, when an air conditioner fails, it’s due to one of a few common parts. Just one broken component in your system could cause big issues such as decreased or no power. Blower fans and motors commonly wear out fast from working harder than usual, typically stemming from lack of maintenance, while electrical parts are known for simple wear and tear failure. Premature wear and tear can also have an effect on components like igniters and thermostats. The Trabuco Hills Air professionals are able to perform any type of AC parts replacement for you to produce efficient cold air throughout your home. When you need air conditioner parts replacement in this area, call our technicians first at (951) 824-7172.

Expert AC Parts Replacement

When it comes to your AC, you want service you can rely on. The Trabuco Hills Air techs have the knowledge and training to deliver efficient, affordable repairs that get your system performing again. We deliver only the highest-quality parts by cultivating relationships with the area’s leading distributors. From thermostat repair to condenser motor replacement, our experts can do it all. Dial (951) 824-7172 to set up your appointment with the Trabuco Hills Air professionals when you need dependable air conditioner parts replacement in Riverside, CA.

A/C Compressor

A/C Compressor Repair

Technician Repairing AC Units

If Your Compressor Is No Longer Blowing, You May Need a Repair.

Your A/C compressor is one of its most vital components and contributes the air transfer process your system requires for cool air delivery in your home. Watching for common compressor damage clues such as poor blowing or warmer air may help you identify problems before they lead to huge hassles or even replacement projects. Your compressor works to pressurize and heat the refrigerant before it travels to the condenser. Your unit’s refrigerant travels through the evaporator coils, absorbing heat from your home as it goes. Because of the heat, the refrigerant begins to expand, creating a higher temperature gas. The refrigerant is pushed into the compressor where it is tightly pressed to increase its temperature and pressure. The pressurized refrigerant is forced through the condenser coils where the heat is discharged outside and the refrigerant is rapidly cooled and returned to a liquid state. If it is not working properly, a compressor repair may need to be done in order for it to work correctly. Does your air conditioner have a poorly performing compressor in? It could cause problems like low air circulation, warm air distribution, and total system failure and cause you to need an A/C compressor replacement. If you need an A/C compressor in Riverside, CA, call us today.

Condenser Motor

Condenser Motor Replacement

Small Outdoor AC System

Condenser Motor Replacement Usually Needs To Be Done If You Aren’t Feeling Cold Air.

Your AC works by using a process called heat transfer which uses multiple parts to move heat inside your home to the outdoors. When your AC isn’t producing cold air, there is most likely a problem with the condenser fan motor and you likely need to have a condenser motor repair done. Along with hot air production, condenser motor failure may be responsible for the noisy operation or total loss of power. When the refrigerant in your system has gathered the warmth from the air, the condenser fan motor engages to release the hot air, cooling the refrigerant and getting it back to a liquid state. When the condenser fan motor is damaged, the warm air will not be released, leading to ineffective refrigerant cooling. Making sure that your condenser is working correctly and not needing a condenser repair is crucial to keeping you from having to have a replacement done.  Over time, this may cause premature component wear as well as hot air distribution. To prevent more serious damage to your system, it’s important to schedule condenser fan motor replacement at the first indication of damage. Some signs include a hard knock when the condenser activates, hot air production, and no power in the condenser. Give us a call at (951) 824-7172 when you need any kind of HVAC assistance. 

A/C Fans

Air Conditioner Fan Repair

AC Tech Inspecting a Breaker Box

A Professional Will Know What To Look For When Repairing Your AC.

Your air conditioner uses two fan systems to deliver cool air in your home. One fan is located on the inside of your home and blows cool air into your vent system to be distributed. The other fan expels that hot air collected during the heat exchange process and is located outside in the condenser. When your fans experience damage, your air conditioner will no longer effectively produce cool air. This can usually be fixed by an air conditioner fan repair and in some cases, you may have to have a full A/C replacement.

Blower Fans – The blower fan controls the cold air that is provided in your vents. Easily repairable problems such as dirty filters and blown breakers are able to affect the operation of your blower fan. However, damages including a damaged control board and wiring shorts contribute to a bad blower fan and need to be repaired by a professional.

Condenser Fans – At the top of your outdoor condenser, the condenser fan can be found. This fan expels the hot air from your system. If the condenser fan experiences damage, not only will your house be filled with hot air, but your air conditioner may completely shut off for safety. Although issues such as dirty filters and caught debris may hinder your fan, most times the damage is caused by damages like worn out bearings or a failing motor, which must be repaired by an expert.

A/C Coils

A/C Coil Cleaning & Replacement

Screens inside an AC Unit

Keeping Your Coils Clean Will Keep Your AC Running Smoothly.

When grease or grime coat the coils of an HVAC system, it stops them from absorbing and releasing heat effectively. It’s fairly common for these coils, especially in outdoor AC systems, to become caked with dust, oils, and other nasty muck. As a result, the air conditioning unit needs to cycle coolant for a longer period of time to capture sufficient heat from the air, coolant has to be circulated throughout the system for a longer period of time to capture enough heat. Getting a coil cleaning done will help you to avoid A/C coil replacements from happening. If you need an AC coil cleaning in Riverside, CA, give us a call.

Signs Your AC Coil Needs Replacement

  • Leaking Coolant
  • Banging or Buzzing Sounds
  • Turning On & Off Incessantly
  • Your AC Unit Never Cycling On
  • Air Conditioning Blasting Hot Air

AC Capacitors

AC Capacitor Replacement

Repairman Reaching into Furnace

Your Heat Capacitor Is an Important Piece Of Your HVAC System.

In your air conditioner, the contractor and the capacitor provide the power for the condenser and fan that removes warm air from your system. The contractor is a type of relay switch that allows a power current to flow through if the circuit is closed. When the relay is stuck, the circuit won’t close, hindering condenser power. Similarly, the capacitor delivers a push of energy that has been stored inside to the condenser fan, delivering an additional boost to start working. hot air. If your AC is functioning but the fan isn’t spinning, your capacitor is probably damage. However, if you cannot hear the condenser motor humming once the thermostat has sent the signal, it may be the contractor. For AC replacement in Riverside, CA give us a call at (951) 824-7172