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When You Need HVAC Repairs, Call Us!

Your HVAC unit is a labyrinthine mechanism filled with many gears and parts that keep it functioning to provide you with cool air. It is understandable if you don’t know what replacement part you need if your HVAC system happens to malfunction. Receiving annual HVAC maintenance is a good preventative that helps keep the unit in the best condition for as long as possible. We have technicians that can help with all of your HVAC problems, get the parts you need, replaced, and make sure that your home or business is working the way it should be. HVAC parts replacement in Riverside, CA by Trabuco Hills Air are only a call away at (951) 824-7172.

HVAC Parts Replacement and Repairs Company

Realizing what part and the area of your heating and cooling unit that is acting up can help you to identify what is broken in your system. The parts of heating and cooling systems that require the most repair are the most used parts that get worn down quicker. You also have your thermostat that controls the operation of your HVAC system. Without it, your system would simply run continuously or not at all. Today’s thermostat options are vast and vary in style, function, and price. In fact, many thermostats can be programmed to partner with other household devices like smart locks, alarms, and more.


HVAC Blower Repair & Replace

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A Blower Burnout Can Occur if An Issue Isn’t Taken Care Of.

There are several potential problems that will cause your HVAC blower motor to malfunction. Most problems may be categorized as inefficiencies within your HVAC system or as part failures. Blower burnout often occurs as a result of these inefficiencies, which include dirt-coated or leaky parts in your HVAC system. Grimey air filters, leaky ductwork, and disheveled evaporator and condenser coils all accelerate the deterioration of your HVAC blower and may even lead to early part replacement.

HVAC Inducer Motor Replacement

Your furnace inducer motor clears gases and fumes from the heat exchanger before your system ignites. Once your heater ignites and begins operation, the inducer motor pushes oxygen over the burners allowing maximum efficiency. When your system’s inducer motor malfunctions, it can cause problems including cool air delivery, the risk of fire, and harmful fumes. Thankfully, your system is equipped with safety emergency switches that shut your system down if your inducer motor doesn’t effectively clear gases from the exchanger.

ECM motors Replacement

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An ECM Problem Can Mess Up Your Whole System.

Although ECM motors provide exceptional energy savings when they perform at their best, they can lead to major problems when they fail. These motors will need to be specially ordered if replacement is needed because they have to be programmed at the manufacturer. Signs that your ECM motor may be failing could include low or uneven airflow, quick cycling, and loss of power. A common sign that your blower motor is failing is uneven air flow to your vent system. A blower motor malfunction may additionally lead to a unit shutdown triggered by the pressure switch.

HVAC Hard start kits Replacement

Even though these kits can help decrease the energy used within your unit, they typically don’t come installed on a new compressor. While an air conditioner compressor takes a large amount of power to activate, the hard start capacitor stores power in its coil to be delivered during startup. This allows an easier start for your compressor, requiring a smaller amount energy.


Thermostat Repair

Your unit’s thermostat controls the operation of your heater and air conditioner. To keep your system from operating all the time or not at all, the thermostat determines air temperature control. Today, thermostats have options for every budget and come in various styles and functions. In fact, modern thermostats can not only be programmed for extreme energy efficiency, but is also able to be programmed to work with other home smart devices. If you’re looking for thermostat replacement that’s dependable and effective, call the Trabuco Hills Air experts. We deliver guidance and installation for all types of of thermostat so you can be sure your system is operating at its best.

Benefits of Thermostat Replacement

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Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Always Working The Right Way.

Modern thermostats deliver not just air temperature control, but can also provide troubleshooting for your unit. These effective thermostats deliver unbeatable energy savings and are fully programmable for unbeatable benefits. For a more affordable choice, consider a standard thermostat that delivers air temperature regulation for your entire home. When it’s time for your system to receive a thermostat replacement around Riverside, CA, the Trabuco Hills Air experts are here to help. Go over each of your thermostat options when you speak with our professionals at (951) 824-7172.

HVAC Pressure Switch Replacement

Safety devices such as the pressure switch come installed on all modern furnaces. After your thermostat signals your furnace to activate, the inducer fan removes lingering gas from the chamber. Your pressure switch tells your system to start ignition when all gases are cleared. When the lingering gas isn’t efficiently eliminated, the pressure switch will stop the ignition process. A faulty pressure switch prevents operation of your furnace by not transmitting the signal needed for ignition. A faulty pressure switch can additionally lead to unsafe gas into your atmosphere.

HVAC Relay Replacement

HVAC Circuit Boards

Calling a Professional To Work On Your Circuit Board Is The Right Thing To Do.

Your HVAC relay is a small circuit component that connects to the thermostat. When the thermostat clicks on, an electric charge is sent to the relay, magnetizing and closing the circuit. The closed relay allows power to flow past it, providing electricity to the blower fan and starting the unit. If your HVAC relay is stuck closed, your system will continuously run. If your relay sticks open, however, it will inhibit the power travel that powers your system. 


Heater Parts Replacement

Repairing an HVAC Line

Replacing a Part On Your Heating System Can Keep You From Having a Replacement.

The heater in your home is made to keep you comfortable and to move heat around your house with ease. When a problem arises, it can leave you cold and with a lot of questions. If you call one of our experts at (951) 824-7172, you can have them come out and take a look at what the problem is. Likely, you will need a simple repair on your heater, but in some cases, you may need to have some kind of replacement done. We carry heating parts that we will put on for you and get your product back up and running right away. To prevent problems from happening, we recommend a yearly check in on your system to make sure parts are running like they are supposed to and that you don’t need a quick repair or replacement of a part.

HVAC Circuit Control board Replacement

Occurrences such as heat, moisture, and typical wear and tear may have drastic effects on your furnace control board. Unfortunately, because your system’s control board regulates every process, it can be difficult to diagnose. However, one major sign that you could have a control board problem is a complete loss of power or air flow loss. Though these problems may be caused by other malfunctions in the system, most times the control board has failed to signal the process. Another common indicator of control board problems is out of order furnace functions.

Heat Exchanger Replacement

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Making Sure Your HVAC System Is Working, Is Our Number One Priority.

Your heat exchanger is responsible for a safe combustion process. Inside, gases are introduced to the igniter which lights your system’s burners. However, heat causes expansion and contraction in metal and can lead to your exchanger coming unsealed, delivering an escape for dangerous fumes. Once this happens, you will need to get it repaired right away to make sure that no harm comes to you or your family. Light and water are each sign that your exchanger isn’t properly sealed. A difference in the flame may also indicate a heat exchanger leak. Usually, what will happen is that you heat exchanger will need to be replaced altogether. Our professional technicians will come in and make the changes for you and replace the changer so that your system is up and running again right away. Occasionally we can make a repair, but it is usually best to just replace it to avoid any future worry.