How Often Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

Recharging Refrigerant During Air Conditioner Maintenance

Staying Cool All Year Long

Even though summer is almost over, air conditioner maintenance for homes is not going to suddenly stop. In our area, hot days can last a while which means you need to be sure you’ve got an efficient and functioning AC system. Otherwise, you may find yourself with little to no cool air on a very hot day. Air conditioner maintenance in Riverside, CA isn’t a chore, but a necessity. Rely on Trabuco Hills Air for help with any and all air conditioner needs. Call us at (951) 824-7172 to get started.

Even Energy Efficient AC Systems Need Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance Benefits

AC service can seem like a waste of time or a useless expense that doesn’t need to happen. On the contrary, regular service for air conditioning systems can provide much-needed maintenance and repair services. There are in fact many benefits to investing in annual maintenance as opposed to waiting until something bad happens and paying for those expenses.

  • Energy Efficiency: Probably the number one benefit of regular maintenance is the efficiency. When your system is well-maintained, it doesn’t have to work harder to produce the same effects. That means it is operating with better energy efficiency, which can result in lower energy bills and saved money. 
  • More Comfort: Regular maintenance also ensures that every room in your house is cool and comfortable. It can be easy to disregard warmer rooms as something else, but it could come back to an inefficient AC system. 
  • Avoid Unnecessary Repairs: When you spend the time and money to consistently take care of your appliances, they won’t seemingly or randomly break on you. That means you’ll spend less in unnecessary or unexpected repairs which can again, help to save you money.
  • Extended Life: A well-maintained AC system will last it’s full life-expectancy and then some. Most air conditioners last between 15 and 20 years. Keeping up with annual inspections and maintenance can help add years to your system so you are truly getting your money’s worth. 

Air conditioner maintenance in Riverside, CA doesn’t have to feel like a hassle. At least not when you work with Trabuco Hills Air. We provide unbeatable HVAC services for unrivaled prices. Find out more by calling us at (951) 824-7172.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

When it comes to servicing your AC system, we recommend relying on experts, similar to how you would rely on experts for sewer service. That being said, there are still many things homeowners can do to help maintain your system in-between visits. We’ve provided a minimal air conditioner maintenance checklist that can help you out.

  • Clean or Replace Air Filters: About once a month, or at least once every few weeks, go through to replace the air filters in your system. Doing so will prevent dust and debris buildup, but also improve the air quality in your home.
  • Remove Debris: Take time every now and then to remove any collected debris from around the outside unit. It doesn’t need to be there. 
  • Straighten Coil Fins: When the evaporator and condenser coil fins are bent, they can restrict airflow into your home. Straighten these out and you may solve several of your cooling problems.

Doing these simple things in between you annual maintenance checks can do wonders for your overall system. Taking the time to invest in your appliance will not only produce better results but also allow them to last longer and operate more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AC maintenance?
    • AC maintenance is just regular or routine checks on your air conditioning system. A technician checks the coils, ducts, fans, belts, and more. They look for anything that could be damaged or operating inefficiently. Those areas are repaired so your system can function properly longer. 
  • How do you maintain air conditioner?
    • The best way to maintain your AC system is to do a couple of things. Most need to be completed by a technician, but homeowners can do their part. Change out the air filters regularly, about once a month. Clear debris from the outside unit, including away from the coils. And just generally stay on top of anything that seems off.
  • What does AC service include?
    • Generally speaking, air conditioner maintenance includes a thorough inspection of your entire system. This includes the coils, coolant levels, air ducts, filters, fans, belts, motors, and more. Essentially every part that makes up an AC system is inspected, cleaned, repaired (if needed) and evaluated for performance.
  • Do air conditioners need annual maintenance?
    • Yes, it’s important to have complete and thorough inspections/maintenance completed at least once a year. Doing so will prevent catastrophic damages from occurring. It will also mean that your system is able to function more efficiently for longer periods of time.
  • Should I have my air conditioner serviced?
    • That depends. If this is a new home purchase, you probably don’t need to have it serviced for a while. If you’ve been in the house for a while and you can’t remember the last time it was serviced, it may be time to call someone. Having it serviced regularly will ensure an energy-efficient and long-lasting system.
Technician Cleaning Coils During Air Conditioner Maintenance

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