A/C Installation Services in Riverside, CA

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We Can Install a High-Quality Air Conditioning System For You.

When your home is in need of an air conditioner, our technicians will provide accurate information and guidance to ensure you receive the ideal system for your home. Our experts will provide details on all of your choices such as cost, performance, and spatial requirements so you can be sure you’re getting the product you want. Our team can offer units for just about every budget and provide an installation that’s quick and reliable so your home is immediately more comfortable. When your air conditioner goes out it can be frustrating and depending on when it goes out, it can be hard to find someone to get out to you quickly. Our team works hard to make sure that you are always comfortable in your home and in doing that, we will try to get your A/C installed or repaired as quickly as possible for you. That being said, just because we get this done quickly, does not mean that it is not done right. Your satisfaction is always our number one priority and we will make sure that no matter what, you are happy with the service that we do. Speak with the Trabuco Hills Air team for skilled, knowledgeable air conditioner installation in Riverside, CA that you are able to count on.

A/C Replacement

Eventually, every style of air conditioner will experience issues. While many damages can be repaired, some occurrences may call for a replacement. If your air conditioner isn’t working as it should be, contact the Trabuco Hills Air professionals for expert removal and replacement of your A/C system. Whether you’re in the market for a traditional model or a split A/C unit, our professionals can provide the knowledgeable air conditioner replacement you’re looking for to get your Riverside, CA home cool again right away. There are so many different brands out there to choose from and we understand that it can be confusing and overwhelming to decide. That is where we come in and help you. We can work with your budget to find the right choice for you and your home’s needs. Sometimes a replacement is the only way to go and it can actually be more cost effective to you to just get a new one if you continue to have repair after repair done and things keep going wrong. That is usually because your system is old or the weather has gotten to it after so long.

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A/C Issues Usually Can Be Fixed The Same Day.

You depend on the comfort of your home. Let our technicians help it stay that way. For experienced air conditioner replacement or installation in the Riverside, CA area, the Trabuco Hills Air professionals have got you covered. Call our professionals at (951) 824-7172 to schedule your appointment. We deliver the service you expect at an affordable price. There is no reason to worry about the repairs that need to be done on your air conditioner anymore. We can go over all of the different brands for you so that you will have peace of mind when it comes to your installation. The technicians on our team are fully trained and certified in HVAC. They know all about each brand that we carry and will be able to share their knowledge for you to help make this process as easy as possible.

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems


Get An Inspection Done Right Away!

In order to get the optimal energy efficiency from your HVAC system, the system must be the correct size for your area. While square footage is an important detail in the size of your system, it also depends on factors such as flooring material and insulation performance. A proper SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, should be listed for your system as well. Energy efficient models can be identified by their SEER rating, which must be greater than 13, but can increase to 20. This rating is calculated by dividing the amount of cool air delivered by the amount of power applied. To get the highest efficiency from your HVAC unit, your SEER rating and the size of your unit must be balanced. Our experts can provide real options that fit both your needs and budget. Our duct optimization services will help you save additional energy by distributing your cool air where you need it most. Learn about each of your energy efficient HVAC system options throughout the Riverside, CA area when you call our technicians at (951) 824-7172.

High-Velocity Mini-Duct System

High-Velocity Mini-Duct System

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This Is The Perfect Time To Have a Mini Duct System Installed.

High-velocity mini-duct systems work with a duct system that’s a fraction of the size of a typical central HVAC system and deliver the same level of air. These systems provide your air at a higher force so you get even air temperatures throughout the area. By offering high-velocity distribution and offering adjustable zone control, these systems can substantially lessen energy costs. These systems are a perfect option for retrofitting issues and are ideal for new home installation, delivering low maintenance and quick installation in Riverside, CA.